Cabforce Partner Program enables partners to integrate taxi bookings to existing services and booking flows in various ways. It offers range of options from very easy to deploy branded site and linking to full API integration, enabling the taxi booking to be on the same transaction as the main product. The Cabforce tech team helps partners with integration and provides example resources to speed up development. See image below for overview of integration methods.

The main elements of the integration are (numbers in the list refer to image below):

  1. Online booking engine co-branding
  2. URL parameters for linking and deep linking
  3. Cabforce Content Hub API
  4. Blended flow, where API is used for price searches and user is deep-linked to booking engine to complete purchase
  5. Callbacks to notify developer partners about state changes

Cabforce Integration Methods

Cabforce Content

So what can you do with Cabforce? What is the content exactly? Cabforce provides prebooked transfers on flat all-inclusive rates. Here's some general rules and features of what is possible.

  • Cabforce generally provides three product categories: Best Value, Executive and Minibus. In some markets only part of the categories are available.
  • Cabforce coverage is constantly developing. See up to date coverage at www.cabforce.com. We only give rates for rides that are within our coverage (so if you get a price, it can be booked).
  • Cabforce rides are always prebooked. Our typical prebooking lead time is 2 hours (ie. booking must be made latest two hours before the pickup). In some selected markets the lead time can be shorter.
  • Cabforce guarantees rides through approval process with the local operator. This means that the voucher (=guarantee) for the ride is sent to passenger email within 60 minutes of the booking. Thus, it is of high importance for us to get right contact details (email & phone) for the passenger.

Booking Lifecycle

Following figure describes the key states of Cabforce booking (pre and post confirmation) as well as touchpoints with developer partner and end user.

Cabforce booking lifecycle


Partners are able to receive notifications about changes in the booking status and information. The most relevant status changes include cancellation by the customer or by the taxi company. Receiving callbacks can be achieved with two methods: webhooks and notification emails. The callbacks are made when a relevant change is made in the booking. The partner can choose which of these callbacks they want to receive:
  • Booking created
  • Booking confirmed
  • Booking cancelled
  • Booking completed


To receive callbacks through a webhook, the partner must provide Cabforce with a URL pointing to a web service. Also, they must define which changes in the booking will cause a call to this service. The call to this URL is always HTTP GET: [WEBHOOK_URL]?name=John+Passenger&shortid=144-381-1&destinationaddress=%28TXL%29+-+Tegel%2C+Berlin%2C+Germany&startaddress=%28TXL%29+-+Tegel%2C+Berlin%2C+Germany&status=257&date=2013-03-27T15%3A10%2B0100&taxiconame=Limousinenservice+Berlin&taxicoreference=313533&extid=ZXh0ZXJuYWwgaWQgaXMgYmFzZTY0IGVuY29kZWQ

Notification Emails

To receive callbacks through email, the partner must provide Cabforce with an email address. Also, they must define which changes in the booking status will result in sending an email to this address. The email always contains the booking information in the following format: Cabforce partner notification email. Booking number : 144-381-1 Passenger name : John Passenger Pickup address : (HEL) - Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, Finland Destination address : Tekniikantie 14, 02150, Espoo, Finland Status : 4 Pickup time : 2013-02-27T12:34+0200 Taxi company name : Helsinki Demo Taxi Company Taxi company reference : 313938 External booking identifier : ZXh0ZXJuYWwgaWQgaXMgYmFzZTY0IGVuY29kZWQ= External booking data : dGhpcyBpcyB0ZXN0IGV4dGVybmFs

Test Data

  • Test data (pricing, taxi companies, POIs, cities) is a snapshot of production data. It's updated approximately every 3 months.
  • Test server automatically accepts all bookings
  • Test bookings and price searches done by all test users are erased on data update.